Quoted by NBC and CBS

NBC News asked me for my opinion of Ernest Moniz, the MIT physics and engineering professor Obama has tapped to be the next Secretary of Energy:

Economist Peter Grossman, a critic of U.S. energy polices who teaches at Butler University and author of “U.S. Energy Policy and the Pursuit of Failure”, said Moniz “has experience both as an administrator and as a researcher; he’s somewhat controversial among environmentalists for his open mind about fracking (hydraulic fracturing in natural gas drilling) and LNG exports and his support for nuclear power.”

Grossman said if he could question Moniz at the hearing, he’d ask, “Do you think energy independence should be a serious goal of U.S. energy policy and if so, could you explain just what you mean by energy independence?” And he’d ask the nominee: “If you had to pick one energy program to eliminate, what would it be?”

And the local CBS affiliate in Philadelphia talked to me about what “energy independence” really means:

Butler University economics professor Peter Grossman says he doesn’t know what the term “energy independence” means, but if it really means cutting the U.S. off from all outside energy sources it’s the flip-side of self-sufficiency and it’s a dumb idea.

“We are much, more safe by having lots of sources of oil and other kinds of energy,” says Grossman.


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