“U.S. Energy Policy and the Pursuit of Failure” on Marginal Revolution

My friend Alex Tabarrok was kind enough to plug “U.S. Energy Policy and the Pursuit of failure” on Marginal Revolution, the excellent blog he runs with Tyler Cowen. Advertisements

Defining Success Downward?

My new post at the Energy Collective looks at Stephen Chu’s record promoting alternative energy at the Department of Energy: In his letter of resignation as Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu pointedly rebutted those who have focused attention on the bankruptcies of Solyndra and several other companies given large loans by the Department of Energy.

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Getting It Wrong: A Brief History of Energy Forecasts

My new piece for the Energy Collective examines the remarkably inaccurate predictions from the past half-century with regards to the latest report from the IEA: Here is a picture 2012 if the forecasts of the last half of the 20th century had come to pass. First the bad news: The U.S. has run out of

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The IEA Report And Energy Independence

An International Energy Agency report has gotten a lot of press in the U.S. largely because it suggested that in a decade or two America would be a) the world’s largest oil producer; b) energy independent; and c) a net exporter of oil. While an increase in domestic production is likely and welcome, much of

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New Post At The Energy Collective: Would a North American Energy Pact Lead to Energy Independence?

“Screw the Canadians and be good to the Venezuelans.” So Richard Nixon advised his aides in 1970. This was about oil; the Canadians were not doing what U.S. officials wanted. So screw them. Forty-two years later, the situation is quite different. Mitt Romney wants to fully embrace Canadian crude oil so that we no longer

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New Article At The Energy Collective: Is Energy Independence Undesirable?

An embargo is certainly not the only possible reason for a market disruption. The oil and gas markets could be affected by natural disasters, such as hurricanes that shut down refineries or earthquakes that damage pipelines. Drought would disrupt biofuel supplies, and all energy markets could be affected by labor conflicts, acts of terror and

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The folly of energy independence

I recently published an op-ed on presidential campaign rhetoric on energy in the Cleveland Plain Dealer (link in the “Articles on Energy” tab) and the Providence (RI) Journal. I wrote it after I had read a speech Mitt Romney gave promising that if he were elected, the US would achieve energy independence by 2021 (later

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