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Note:  This blog has been inactive for quite some time now but I thought just in case anyone still has a link to it, I should say thanks and apologize for letting this site go dormant.  This post is not going to herald a revival, but has two purposes. First, I want to end the

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More Praise from Steven Hayward (in Forbes)

“…the best book on energy policy for a very long time…”

Energy Book of the Year!

Review by Steven Hayward From the review: “Combining amazing detail, sparkling prose, and sound theory, Grossman fully exposes the mockery of a sham of our farcical “energy crisis” mentality stretching all the way back to the Nixon years. The book is over 350 pages of closely argued material, but not a single one of

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Some recent comments and op-eds

I have recently published two posts on, and had an op-ed in both the Indianapolis Star and the Providence Journal. The first Master Resource post commented on the out-of-touch-with-reality energy-related musings of Nixon (and Reagan) cabinet secretary George P. Shultz–noted in an earlier post, and now available here: The second, laid out my

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A Response To George Shultz

The latest edition of the Hoover Institution’s Defining Ideas includes an essay by George Shultz, one of two individuals in American history who have served in four different Cabinet positions, entitled “A Better Energy Future.” He gets a lot wrong. Here’s a response that I’ve sent as a letter to the editor. To the editor:

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New Post at

I have a new post at the energy web site Master Resource, “U.S. Energy Policy: New Mindset Needed (‘energy security’ narrative must go)” “Government energy programs have been arrogant and, in many respects, irrational as well. Policymakers have often assumed that technological breakthroughs would occur simply because a law said they would happen. Of course,

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Review of U.S. Energy Policy and the Pursuit of Failure

A new review by Richard L. Gordon is in the Summer 2013 issue of Regulation:

New at the Energy Collective: It Takes a Crisis: Climate Change and Energy Policy

My latest post at the the Energy Collective: “Some environmentalists and alternative energy advocates have expressed disappointment with the Obama administration. Though the president has talked about the need for action on climate change and has touted a national Clean Energy Standard, there has not been a broad new legislative initiative for either. Said the

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New op-ed in the Indianapolis Star: “Much of what you ‘know’ about U.S. energy policy is wrong”

Quoted by NBC and CBS

NBC News asked me for my opinion of Ernest Moniz, the MIT physics and engineering professor Obama has tapped to be the next Secretary of Energy: Economist Peter Grossman, a critic of U.S. energy polices who teaches at Butler University and author of “U.S. Energy Policy and the Pursuit of Failure”, said Moniz “has experience

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